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Welcome to the Kaplan SOS / Purdue Global SOS site

This website has been created to update all employees with important information in the event of a crisis with national or regional implications.

On this site, you will find:

  • General information on how we will communicate in an emergency.
  • Contingency plans for employees who may be affected by a particular crisis, such as a power outage, natural disaster or act of terrorism
  • Links to relevant government websites.

Other sources of emergency contact information:

  • TOLL-FREE HOTLINE NUMBER, 1-866-527-5260 (1-866-KAPLAN-0), will have up-to-date recordings or relevant information for employees.
  • Email: Updates may be posted in public folders or sent to your personal mailbox.


If contacted by a government or law enforcement agency:

Any inquiry by a government or law enforcement agency -- whether by phone, email or in person -- MUST be forwarded immediately to the legal department. You must not volunteer information or documents without first talking to an attorney. Collect as much information as possible regarding the contact and source of information, including date/time of call; the caller's name, title and agency; the stated purpose of the call, and requested response time. If the contact is by email, please call and forward the email to legal. If the request comes by mail, please call and fax the request. Following are contact names and numbers for this purpose:

Yael Aufgang

Vice President & Associate General Counsel, Kaplan, Inc.

email: yaufgang@kaplan.edu

Work phone: 312-385-1337

Legal Fax: 800-382-6864

In the event of serious injury or damage, or other unusual event:

In the event of serious injury (or other unusual event) involving an employee or student at any time, or any other person while that person is on Company premises (or if you need to handle a situation where serious injury may occur), please call the legal contact numbers above immediately.

If damage occurs to property, call the real estate contact numbers below:

Anthony Chan

Executive Director of Design and Construction

work: 415-538-1514 extension 2221

email: anthony.chan@kaplan.com

Martin Silverman

Executive Director, Real Estate, Kaplan, Inc.

Work: 212-492-5909

email: martin.silverman@kaplan.com

Carl Thomas

National Facilities Director, Kaplan, Inc.

Work: 212-974-2737

email: carl.thomas@kaplan.com

Real Estate fax: 212-492-5888

If contacted by the media:

Do not attempt to answer questions, even if they seem straightforward. Please immediately contact Mark Harrad, Vice President, Communications, or Melissa Mack, SVP, Marketing. You will need to provide the caller's name, media outlet, phone number and email address. Following are contact numbers for this purpose:

Mark Harrad

Vice President, Communications

Work: (212) 974-6231


Melissa Mack

Chief Communications Officer

work: 212-492-5849

email: melissa_mack@kaplan.com

Public Relations fax: 212-957-1646

If for any reason you can't reach any of the primary contacts above, please contact anyone else on the list. These reminders to contact us are not substitutes for your regular reporting procedures. You should also continue to report information and incidents consistent with your own existing company procedures.

If you have any general questions, please direct them to, emergencycontactinfo@kaplan.edu.


Terrorism and Emergency Preparedness Websites

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Emergency preparedness information and updates


US Department of Homeland Security

Advice and information on preparing for terrorist emergencies


The Red Cross

Information on terrorism preparedness and disaster safety


The White House

Web site provides update on terror threat level


NYC Government, Office of Emergency Management*

Information on terrorism preparedness and updates on city emergencies, including weather emergencies


Washington, DC Office of Emergency Management*

Information on terrorism preparedness and updates on local emergencies, including weather emergencies


* Almost all cities have offices of emergency management that will provide information, updates and alerts on all types of local and national emergencies.

National and International Travel Websites

US Department of State

General travel warnings


US Department of State

Current travel warnings


US Department of State

Crisis preparation for travelers


US Customs Service

Useful travel information, including airport security procedures